1. Only 100% registered (white-papered) animals are eligible.

2. Breeders must possess registrations from their respective breed association . Buyers and sellers must be aware of rules governing acceptance of KHSI and CKSA registrations.

3. All entries must be shown to determine their Sale Order. No entries will be accepted for Show only.

4. Consignors should endeavor to enter "A" Coat Yearlings or lambs that have shed their lamb coats. It is recognized that such shedding may not be possible for younger Spring Lambs, particularly any Spring Lamb entries born in March or April.

5. All U.S. Consignors are encourage to be enrolled in the Scrapie Flock Certification Program (SFCP). In subsequent years this enrollment may be required, minimum of one year. Canadian consignors are not required to be so enrolled. Be sure to provide your enrollment date on the Sale Entry Blank.

6. No shearing, trimming or clipping will be permitted. Consignors should present their entries in as attractive a manner as possible. Washing and brushing are encouraged.

7. All Yearling Rams and Fall Ram Lambs must have a negative Brucella ovis ELISA test, in addition to the Interstate Health Papers required for all entries.

8. Classes for this event are Spring ram lambs, Spring Ewe Lambs, Fall Ram Lambs, Fall Ewe Lambs, Yearling Rams and Yearling Ewes. If there are lots of very young Spring Lambs (April & March lambs), the classes may be split.

Commissions are 10% to the sale management, and an additional 1% goes to Missouri Sheep Producers. Each sheep costs $20 to enter, and no-sales still pay the commission.

The Midwest Stud Ram Sale takes place in Sedalia, MO, on the MO State Fairgrounds from Monday, June 25th to Sunday, July 1. The Katahdin show will be late afternoon on Monday, June 25th, and the sale will be around or after noon on Wednesday, June 27th.