Brandon, Manitoba, Canada (do not remove)

184 round bales (approx 1400 lbs each) of second cut alfalfa with no rain. Poly twine wrapped. Bales off JD 567 baler. Price: Three cents per pound in the field. Delivery can be arranged
Also, 20 round bales alfalfa timothy with no rain.

Dennis Rome
RR1 Nesbitt Manitoba Canada R0K 1P0
Phone: 204-824-2220
Fax: 204-824-2727

Manitoba, Canada =========I have for sale (7-1-16)

1000 bales, alfalfa

Large round, twine

CAD 60

can deliver, 10 bales per load

Stored in the field, not wrapped

120 immediate plus rest in about 2 -3 weeks

not tested, will test if requested

1 (204) 720-5403
Daniel du Toit, Box 10, Group 240, RR3, Brandon, R7A5Y3
Manitoba, Canada

Riverton, Manitoba=========I have for sale (do not remove)

400 bales of mixed grass
large round, poly twine
delivery not available
stored in field
available immediately
not tested
204-378-2190, 204-378-0022

Debbie Johnson


Cameron, Ontario (do not remove)

I wish to buy horse hay, as much as I can get, timothy mix, grass mix, not picky as long as it is not dusty and moldy, needs to be suitable for horses.

Round bales and small square bales needed, not picky on binding material as long as it is sturdy and will not break when we try to roll out the round bales.

Please email me with prices. Delivery needed or will pick up if it is within an hour or so from Lindsay area.

Needed ASAP but will continue to need more throughout the winter and spring.

Tel#: 705-359-3766

Fx#: 705-359-3769


Ontario, Niagara Region=====Do Not Remove

I have for sale Horse Hay
Rd 4x4 Hard Core Hay, Stored indoors, Clean, dust free
Type: Timothy, Grass Mix
$30/bale, Local Delivery Available
Ask for Robert
Ph: 905.894.1897

Stratford, Ontario, Canada==========8/12/006: (do not remove)

I have baled hay for sale now; no rain, stored in barn, no dust.

90 x round bales 4.5' x 4' weighing approximately 550 pounds each at $27. Low alkaline: alfalfa, Alsike, trefoil, timothy, brome, reed canary, and clover.

2,000 x square bales weighing approximately 40 pounds each at $2.40. Alfalfa, timothy, Alsike, brome, and clover.

I do not deliver.

Telephone - preferred: 519-271-7818

Ontario, Canada ===============We are selling: (do not remove)

10000 bales ALFALFA HAY (LUCERNE) 

Small square bales (14x18") sisal or plastic twine

price starting @ 3.00 Can$ per bale in field (depends on RFV)

We arrange shipping all over the world

Bales are stored in hay-storage for curing.

Available starting July

Forage tested.


Theo Kusters



Ponteix,Saskatchewan,Canada========I have for sale: Do not remove this listing

1200 round bales,alfalfa brome crested wheat mix,1400 lbs approximate weight,net wrapped with coveredge,no rain,$100.00 per ton in the feild or yard,available now.Feed test available on request.Phone 306-625-3674,,fax at:306-625-6252.
Andre H, Perrault
P.O.Box 135
S0N 1Z0

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