Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri

Lakey & Lakey Inc, Quality Hay Sales in Ava, MO has Alfalfa, Brome Prairie Hay, Grassy Alfalfa, and Straw for sale. Available in 3X3X8, 3X4X8, 4X4X8, Small Square, Net Wrap Round, and Ground. Available in Any Quantity , at our 25,000 Sq. Ft. Barn at Ava. We have 30 to 40 different loads of hay to Choose from and 70 ft. Digital Scales to weigh on. We'll load you one small square bale, or bring a trailer and get an extra discount. The most economic way to buy hay is by the semi-load. Come to the barn and in most cases you will be able to see hay exactly like you will be ordering. You have our guarantee that the hay you get will be delivered on time at the price agreed upon. We makc this promise with a guarantee--If for any reason the hay isn't working for you, give us a call and we'll pick it up and bring you something else.

Located 1/2 mile south of Ava, MO on Highway 5. 417-683-6781 (Barn) 417-683-5315 (Evenings)

Lenawee, Michigan =============== I have for sale: (do not remove)

3500+/- bales alfalfa/grass (50%/50%) mixture in 50-60 lb small bales. Bound with poly twine. Delivery Available, my trailer holds approximately 350 bales.
Barn kept. Available after June 1st.

phone: (517) 403-5461

email: pixl8334@kettering.edu

Fordyce, Nebraska=======I have for sale: (do not remove)

ORGANIC HAY. I have certified organic alfalfa, and alfalfa grass
We produce 4x5 round bales. The bales are processed down to approximately 3-6 inches, and weigh about 1100 pounds. The RFV tests on the alfalfa is between 130-190, and the protein tests on the alfalfa is between 19-22. Alfalfa mix tests between 115-130, and the protein is 17-20. All POT and POS tests low. Delivery is available. If you would like more information, feel free to call: 605-661-3060, or email us at fischershay@gpcom.net or ehlke@iw.net

phone: 712-239-3736

North Platte NE============I have for Sale: ( Do not Remove)

400 tons of grass hay
Large round bales, Net Wrapped
$105 per ton, horse quality
available now
Tested, 8% protein, Tdn 56
Delivery available
Jake Linderman

Tekamah, Nebraska-------- I have for sale--- (Do not remove)

600 acres of Hay cut up to 5 times each year located in Hooper, Pierce and Niobrara, Nebraska. Harvested by long time family horse breeders for horse people. Certified Nutritionist to help you choose the cutting that is right for YOUR program.

3x3x8 Alfalfa and Alfalfa/grasses mixed bales Poly twine binding.

5' Round bales of Alfalfa and 5 Variety Grass mix sisal binding, and

Small square alfalfa poly twine binding.

All hay tested with RFVs 86-112 for 5 way grass mix. 118-128 for 50/50 alfalfa/grass mix.  135-148 for 80/20 alfalfa/grass mix. Alfalfa ranges from 158-186. High TDN over 65% and CP 20+ on all alfalfa and alfalfa mixed hays. Email me for full laboratory results.

Hay is put up dry, and guaranteed blister beetle free. Large Square bales are tarped at the field and small squares are stored in fully enclosed shed.  Priced fairly!! Delivery can be arranged.      

402-374-1317 eves; 402-374-2700 days; or email: windyhillsporthorses@hotmail.com

Ringold County, Iowa=========We Have For Sale:  (do not remove)

2010 cutting of large, round bales

89 of first cutting - grass/clover mix;

33 of 2nd cutting  - grass/clover mix;

11 of 2nd cutting off new seeding - alfalfa grass mix.

All net wrapped dry; no rain; field stored;

2010 cutting; available now;  Can load trailers but not semis.

Looking for buyer interested in purchasing crop yearly at cutting time.

Call Fred or JoAnn @ 402-326-0581. Or e-mail @ fbarker@neb.rr.com

Henry Co, Illinois ==========I have for sale: (01-25-14)

500 bales, rye straw
small squares, sissal twine
$3.00/bale out of well enclosed barn
delivery may be available within 20 miles (max 100 per load)
available 1/1/14 - 4/1/14

contact Mathew, ph. 309-507-2626, cowbarn2@gmail.com

Shelbyvile, ILL=========I have for sale: (7/20/13)

I have 28 bales of prime second cutting alfalfa; this is very good hay. Large square bales 3 X 3 X 7. Bales weigh aprox 900 lbs with a lot of leaf in the bales. $190/ton. I also have 22 bales of first cutting alfalfa; these bales tested RFV 140. These bales $150/ton, some grass. I will be cutting the third cutting around August 5. 19 acres of alfalfa.

If interested please contact me at 309-530-2218

John E. <erwinj53@yahoo.com>

Lafayette Indiana, (Tippecanoe/Clinton Counties)===========I have for sale (do not remove)

7000-8000 Bales of Grass, Grass/red Clover, Grass/Alfalfa
Small square bales, and 4x5 round bales, poly twine tied
$3.00 and up for sm sq, $35.00 for round bales, out of the barn price.
Limited delivery available.
All bales barn stored.
Available year round

Contact Hal Snyder @765-491-6146
or Email- hsnyder@mintel.net

Lebanon, Indiana-----I have for sale:(do not remove)

Alfalfa, Grass Hay and Straw for sale.

I have large square bales 3X4X8
and also small square bales wire tied

delivery is available

Would like to sell straight out of the field this spring and summer and would like to have long or short term contracts.

Andrew Wilhoite
Wilhoite Family Farms LLC
Lebanon, IN 46052


Lowell, Lake County, Indiana==========We wish to buy: (do not remove)

Alfalfa, Hay and Straw Wanted On A Continuous Basis.

We have annual requirements for in excess of ten thousand tons of alfalfa (minimum rfv 172), dairy quality hay and ten thousand tons of oat or wheat hay, bale sizes as follows:

When you have it available, please quote us prices at your site and delivered to Lowell, Lake County, Indiana, which is about 60 miles to the southeast of central Chicago.

Hope to hear from you on a regular basis.

Yours truly
Bruce Younker
Lorenz Farm Service, Inc.
Lowell, Lake County, Indiana
Email: bruce@aiagrp.net
Phone: 800-511-3620

New Richmond, Indiana (do not remove)

Alfalfa Cubes for sale
Regular alfalfa cubes as well as Alfalfa/Timothy mix, alfalfa/orchard grass mix or regular alfalfa cubes with a 1% molasses additive available
Available in 50 pound bags or bulk.
On the alfalfa cubes:
CP 15% min
Alfalfa/timothy mix
CP 12-15%
Alfalfa/orchard grass mix:
CP 10-13%.

All prices are FOB New Richmond, IN 47967

Contact the office for a quote

Haywood Agricultural Products Inc.
4736 W 1050 N
New Richmond, IN 47967
Office 765-339-4065
Fax 765-339-4074
Email: haywoodproducts@tds.net

Barton County, Kansas 02/28/09 (do not remove)

We have for sale alfalfa hay. Normally 1000 to 2000 tons 3x3 and round bales, price varies. Squares are in barns on pallets. We will test if needed. 620-653-4035  Yeakley Farms

Tammie Yeakley - E-mail: styeakley@ruraltel.net

Derby, KS=======We have for sale: (do not remove)

200+ Big Round Bales of Prairie/Native/Brome/Mixed Grass
5 X 4 - $35/bale
Tight Poly Twine - Put up dry - Some here at our farm, some on fields
Will Load, Evening & Weekends
Hay available NOW and every year for 10+ years.
Will test upon request. 1st & 2nd cuttings available.

Call 316-880-3529 (anytime or text)
Or call 316-651-6611 (after 5:30 pm) or email: harmona75@yahoo.com

Leavenworth Kansas=======I have for sale (Do not Remove)

Alfalfa, large round bales with net or custom baled on advanced orders
200 - 400 ton each year
Price negotiable
No delivery
Field storage this year’s cutting or last
Available year round
Contact Raye Langly

Reno, Kansas 67514=======I have for sale: (11/10/13)

105 bales grass, blue stem & clover

Large round, net wrap 1300 lbs average

$45/bale in the field

no delivery is available

In the field, not wrapped

available now

Not tested

650-787-1205 vonnwebb@hotmail.com

Vonn Webb

Southwest Kansas==========I have for sale: do not remove

10,000 tons of Sliced alfalfa in 3x4x8 square bales.
Price is negotiable but needs to be around $100/ton FOB.
Delivery is available!
All alfalfa is under a tarp with no rain on it. Gaurunteed Green!
RFV values range from 150-200+.
1-866-247-9748 shusband24@hotmail.com

Yates Center, KS============We have for sale:

I have hay for sale year round. We produce bluestem grass hay suitable for horses and all other kinds of livestock. We also have alfalfa available for sale. All bale sizes. 5000 tons available in varying qualities and prices. Please phone for additional information.

Cantrell Hay Company
P.O. Box 327
Yates Center, KS 66783


Maries County, MO===========We have for sale: (12/15/13)

We have hay for sale year round. We produce fertilized, mixed grass hay, primarily fescue and orchard, two fields with hop clover.

The hay is put up tight and dry in 4' X 5' large round poly twine wrapped bales by a New Holland BR7060 baler.

The hay is priced at $30 in yard, $32 loaded on your truck. Delivery is available at an additional charge. The hay is stored in the yard unwrapped for easy access for your truck and trailer.

Brian Rettenmaier
Phone: 314.686.8287
Email: rett58@charter.net

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