Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts,
Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio

Northeast Region===================I have for sale: (05-01-2016)

I have a large amount of 4 X 5 hardcore 900 lb. round bales for sale., Good clean Timothy and Orchard grass hay suitable for horses or any livestock. We deliver on flatbed tractor trailer loads of 38 for $2,900 delivered throughout the Northeast. Some available that is Certified Organic and stored inside under cover as well. Please call or email for further information or questions.

Dale Mathews Farm

Northeast Region, Erie County, NY==============I have for sale: 7/1/16

1,000 bales of First cutting Timothy Orchard Mix grass, Alfalfa Mixed Grass or Reeds Canary Mix Grass.
Small (55 lb.) square bales, packed individually or with a bale baron and large (750 lb.) square bales bound individually using four strings.
(SMALL BALES): Price in the Field: $250/ton (Alfalfa Grass Mix) and $225/ton (Tomothy Orchard Grass Mix and Reeds Canary Grass Mix)
(LARGE BALES): Price in the Field: $200/ton (Alfalfa Grass Mix) and $175/ton (Timothy Orchard Grass Mix and Reeds Canary Grass Mix).

Delivery is available for either size or type, quote to be determined.

Bales are stored indoors.

Nutrition Reports are available upon request.



Paul Pinto
NY Farming Enterprises, LLC
2410 North Forest Road, Suite 301
Amherst, New York 14068
Phone: 716-210-8250
Fax: 716-932-6769

Northeast Region (do not remove)

Headquartered in New York,USA. Sales and Contracting available to world-wide marketplace.
Client pays shipping. Hay buyers, distributors, etc are all welcome for business deals.
TQHP is looking for people interested in agreeing to contract sales with their superior hay product.

TQHP is a new, innovative and revolutionary patented agricultural franchise that produces the finest quality hays for a variety of markets. It does this by its unique process that can be presented at:
TQHP is made up of a group of high energy people committed to helping Hay Farmers to increase their yields in a consistant process by utilizing their special patent pending hay drying technology.
Their process is a HUGE advancement to agriculture and haying as it is used to dry different types of hay, including alfalfa, timothy, orchard grass, etc, (also mixed hays) to the most desirable conditions -- Beneficial to countless animals and markets. It produces absolute "Top Quality Hay" [consistantly and is readily avalible in a variety of quantities and forms]; the best in the world, because it is the only hay of its kind that is processed like this in the whole world. The product is nutrients-filled and is of the best characteristics hay can possibly be.
TQHP believes that they can be a wonderful asset to you with their superior products & services. It really is great hay! Please contact TQHP to request price/samples & product info for your next hay shipment.Call#1-607-869-3477/email: sales@tqhp

TQHP ships by your or their truck, rail, or sea container. Delivers as an individual wholesaler/manufacturer in bulk, baled, bagged, & co-packed in your retail packages.
Please Check out how TQHP produces the finest quality hays, world-wide, with new industry technology at their website
Try this hay and be totally amazed with its "Top Quality" value. It certainly is a real change in the market for the better of quality. Brilliant and Revolutionary!
Please Contact them to anticipate your production demmands and their product avalability and/or to arrange contracting for next year's production.
More info avalable at such as nutritional values, pricing, contact info,
Fax: 1-607-869-3149
Can reply to this ad by emailing me at

Maine============I have for sale: (Do not Remove)

Cumberland county Maine, 50,000 small square bales of timothy mix, dry dust free, horse quality,sisal twine 40lb bales, delivery free in trailer load quantities (600 bales) in Maine, Mass., New Hampshire and Vermont. All hay is stored inside. Hay available year round. 207 642 6056,

Franklin Co, Maine =======We have for sale: (Do not remove)

First Quality 20,000 small square bales of Timothy/Clover mix, first quality, sisal twine

We at Hayland's Hay are proud to offer some of the best hay produced in North America, and now this superior hay can be shipped to your door. Give us a call at the farm and we will be glad to take your order.

Large or small orders are all handled with the same high standards that has become the trademark at Hayland's. We give special discounts on truckload orders.
Give us a call at the farm at (207) 778-6968 or E-mail use at, we'll be glad to help.
We can ship to your door

Vermont ------- (do not remove this listing)

We have for sale 2nd and 3rd cut excellent green horse grass hay. This hay is baled in small squares that average 40 pounds each. The bales are priced at $4.00 plus delivery. They are stored in a dry barn. We can send you pictures and samples. We also have round bales and 1st cut grass small square bales. Your barn must be able to accommodate a 30' trailer and 350 - 390 bales and you need to help unload. We ask that you pay by cash or cashiers check, please.
We will deliver all over New England and Eastern New York
or Tim @ 802-877-6255

CANTON, NY 13617          8-02-08 (do not remove)

For sale: Lg sq, sm sq, round & wrapped bales available by bale or ton

Trucking available (approx 680-700 sm sq per truck, 53-60 lq square)

Type (alfalfa, clover, canary, timothy, grasses mixed,etc.)

Unit size (3x3x7 lq sq; 50-55 sm sq), binding material: Sisal & poly

All hay stored uncover in barn:

Sm sq $ 6.oo per bale

Lq sq $70.oo per bale

Round       $45.oo per bale

price delivered (call for trucking est.)

All bales are stored in our barn & available today

Can be tested;

Telephone: 315 854 5381, E-mail address or

Andrew Hurlbut

Canton, N.Y. 13617

Washington county N.Y=============I have hay and baleage for sale [do not remove]

700 4x5 round bales of early 1st,2nd &3rd cut mixed grass, stored inside. $50 each [quantity discounts available].I can convert them into small squares,whatever size you want [$4 for a 40# bale]. Also, I have 1000 4x4.5 round bales of early 1st,2nd &3rd cut mixed grass baleage $50 each [quantity discounts available]. Dry hay tied with string,baleage wrapped with 6 layers of plastic. I can help arrange trucking.Call Gordon Searles 518-499-0239 anytime or e-mail gsearles@

Wayne, PA=============I have for sale  (do not remove)

10000 bales of first Cutting and 6000 bales of second cutting and third Timothy/orchard grass mixed hay, no rain, barn stored. 
Unit size is  small square bales double sisal string tied, First cut is 36-38 # average weight per bale. second and third cutting is a little heavier at 37-40 # average. The small square bales are double sissal string tied baled with a New Holland baler.

Also available are large round bales net wrapped and then wrapped in plastic to minimize waste. These are also Timothy orchard grass mix hay. Cost $45.00 each bale. 
Price at the barn for one or 1000 is the same. Pick up is fine. The price delivered depends on your location (mileage from our farm). It would be for tractor trailer loads only about 600 bales. We will need your zip code.

The hay is available now in North Eastern PA but can be shipped to other states.

call Ed Schweighofer at 570 224-4352 Telephone, Fax 570 224 4352,

Location Wilmington,OH=====I have for sale: (do not remove)

2000 high quality alfalfa/orchard (60/40) small square bales 2nd and 3rd cutting for sale.
Delivery is available, hay is barn stored and available immediately.
Please contact for price w/or with out delivery will deliver as far as Florida.

Contact Gia Williams-Rojas or by telephone 937-241-6929

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