Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming

Buying Certified Hay. We have contracts to sell certified hay, large and small bales. Some contracts require bales have three strands of twine. We deal throughout the western states. Fax 208 795-7365 or 208 785-1007

Ellensburg, Washington========I have for Sale: (do not remove this listing)

400 Tons excellent quality alfalfa / orchard grass mix horse hay, various cuttings 1-4

Unit Size: Small square two & three poly-twine bales
$240-260 per ton
Delivery Not available
Stored under tarps
Available now
Not tested

Tel: (509) 925-2214 (Bob)

Utah and Idaho (do not remove)

I live on the border of Utah and Idaho and have top quality Alfalfa in small bales every year. 2nd generation farmer and I understand hay crops - delivery is available. Currently have a couple of stacks left - so call now...Alan 435-279-3193


Fergus County, Montana======I have for sale: (do not remove this listing)

All Organic Certified Hay
quantity (400 ton), type (alfalfa, alfalfa grass, and sanfoin.)

unit size (large round,), binding material Poly twine

price in the field,$80/ton
delivery is available, 400 ton deliverable

bales are stored in the field, not wrapped

hay is available now

Telephone, 406 538 8397,

Basin, Wyoming============I have for sale: (6/28/15)

Looking for buyers and new crop contracts for 2015 alfalfa and alfalfa/grass hay.

1st cutting is in. Two more cuttings this sumer.
We will have all types of alfalfa, premium to grinder. Rfv 150-200+
Protein 17-24%+
Hay is in 3x4x8 or 3x3x8. 900 to 1100# bales depending on size of bale. All hay is lab tested.

Call or email for more info.

Boreen Hay and Cattle
Phil Boreen
Big Horn Basin, Wyoming
(307) 272-6640

Park county, Wyoming========I have for sale: (do not remove this listing)

20 tons premium 2nd cutting mixied horse quality, 60+ tons 1st mixed small squares, poly bound, $130/ton 2nd cutting, $110/ton 1st cut, no delivery, bales are in stacks. Hay is always available. phone # 307-754-3432

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