South Central

Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana

Austin, Tx============I have for sale: (do not remove)

2012 crop 4X5 1000 lb. Coastal Bermuda Horse Quality Hay - Also 4X5 mixed hay & Bahia coming. Prices start at $45 a roll (sisile and net wrapped). I also have 2012 Alfalfa from New Mexico small squares 65-75 lbs. wire tied. Fertilized and irrigated. Call for prices. I deliver truck loads of the round rolls of 38-42 and 50 rolls at a time. I deliver up to 630 sm squares of the alfalfa at a time. I have one hay sample our right now and am waiting on the results.

318 715-1407


El Paso, TX=============I have for sale: (do not remove)

Premium Green Alfalfa Hay, Timothy Hay, Alfalfa/Grass, Orchard Hay 1st cut.
Get back to me with your location and will give a price quote.
We have available more than 1000 Tons of these hays.
They are in small bales and large bales
Price per ton: $200 USD
The product is of excellent quality and can be shipped anywhere in the US.
The hays are stored in the field in good conditions and are available now and are also tested.

Contact us via (201) 500-4419
14369 Ave Ave.
El Paso, TX 79938

South Central (Lamesa, TX)========I have for sale (do not remove)

All of the hay is pure 100% Alfalfa. We have large quantities on hand with more coming every few weeks. The hay comes in large or small binded square bales. The price is set according to local market conditions and is available via phone. Hay can be picked up on site or delivered. Delivery is done via Semi-Trucks with loads up to 26-30 tons per truck. We offer low shipping costs and ship anywhere in the United States. The Alfalfa is currently available and is barn stored.

Boyd Farms - Andy Boyd

I have hay year round in south central area, livingston, tx., I can deliver or arrange delivery, bermuda coastal tight square bales weighing 65-70 lbs. all highly fertilized, possible production for this year is 100,000 bales irragated fields, I need people who need hay that horses love

Missing Spoke Ranch

Dell City, Hudspeth County, Texas (Do not remove this listing)

I have 378 tons large square ton bales of alfalfa hay for sale.They are baled with poly twine and stacked outside in my lot. The cost per ton at my farm is $125.00. Delivery within a 250 mile radius is available.This hay is 2nd and 3rd cut. The CP - 20 >, TDN - 60>, RFV - 175 >, Dry matter - 91.
I will also have 4th(end of August) and 5th(end of September) cuts available. Call for these test results.

Please contact: John Navar Jr.
              Phone- 915-964-2429

Kaufman Texas================I have for sale: (do not remove this listing)

200+ bales of Coastal, Bahia, Coastal MIX, Bahia MIX, Johnson MIX, ALL KINDS
Road bales only 800-1000 lbs String wrapped
Price in Barn 105-135 depending on type, quantity, and quality
Delivery available, 20-32 bales per load
Barn Stored
Available now but moving fast!

David Whitfield, 214 729-3426 call or txt

Lamar county, Texas===============I have for sale:

18,000 small square bales of mixed alfalfa/grass wire tied
150 4x4x8 bales of clean alfalfa #2
200 4x4x8 bales of clean alfalfa #1 horse quality
400-500 bales of alfalfa #3 cow hay
500-1000 4x5 round bales of coastal bermuda/mixed grass
all tied with plastic twine
all prices are delivered

can haul : 680 small squares per load
28 bales of 4x8's
38-42 bales 4x5 round

All hay is barn stored and available now. All has been tested at 23% protein or better with 190 rfv or above.
# 1 alfalfa tested 218 rfv.
Contact: Beverly
903-632-5371 home
903-277-5109 cell phone
903-632-5370 fax / answering machine
email address:

Sabine County, Texas USA=======I have for sale: (do not remove)

I have 200+ fresh baled large bahia and/or grass round bales (poly twine) @ $40 per bale.
Can deliver locally. Can load your trailer. Available Now (9-28-08). 409-787-2864 Phone & Fax),

Wharton and Harris county, Texas==========I have for sale: (do not remove this listing)

40,000 square bales of horse quality jiggs bermuda grass hay.

Square bales are 14x18x36 poly tied for $5.50 in the field or $6.50 delivered within 150
miles of the farm in Wharton county.

Also, we have 3,000 round bales of horse quality jiggs bermuda hay.  These are 5'x 6'
rolls and weigh 1200 lbs each.

Barn kept rolls are $85 each and field kept rolls are $65 each.  this is delivered within
the 150 mile radius.
Other delivery is available for full semi-trailer loads at very small additional cost.

Square bales have been tested at 11% CP and rounds are at 15% CP.

Office 888-484-4958, Fax 281-516-7693,

Calvin, OK=========We have for sale: (11/28/14)

Fertilized/Sprayed Horse Quality Blue Stem Prairie Grass
Fertilized/Sprayed Horse Quality Blue Stem/Bermuda mix
Small Squares - wire tied - barn kept $5 a bale out of barn.
Local delivery within 200 miles $7 / bale.
3000 bales cut 2014
Caney Boggy Creek Ranch LLC - Calvin, OK

Contact George @ 817-917-0489
See Caney Boggy Creek Ranch on facebook or email us at

Cleveland Co. Arkansas============Hay is for sale:

Large round bales approx 1000# of  mixed grass(bahia &dallisgrass) Netwrapped with at least 2 turns.
$18 to $ 24 moved to one location. We can deliver (will need to know location for terms) We have over 300 bales at present. Test pending @ this time. Call home @ night 870-325-6689 or Cell @ 870-692-8514 or
We will have hay every year.

Homer, LA======I have for sale: (do not remove)

1000 small square bales
poly twine
price in barn - $6.00/bale
delivery can be arranged

now taking orders for August cutting
not tested
available now

Ark-La-Tex Farms

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