California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona

Buying Certified Hay. We have contracts to sell certified hay, large and small bales. Some contracts require bales have three strands of twine. We deal through out the western states. Fax 208 795-7365 or 208 785-1007


CFW HAY based in Nevada...CFW buys, sells, hauls alfalfa,dairy, green mix hay to ariz new mexico nevada oregon california nevada web site is mission is to maintain honesty. ms walley

Wellington, Nevada  (Please do not remove this listing.)

We have for sale horse quality alfalfa and alfalfa/grass hay in three twine bales, approx. 100#/each.  Barn stored and some stacked outside.  

Call or e-mail for prices.  

May deliver.  
We are located one hour southeast of Lake Tahoe.


Millard County, Utah============I have for sale: Do not remove this listing

any quantity of Dairy, Horse, and Feeder Hay
(alfalfa) in small bales. Loading and delivery can be arranged
if needed. Current market prices.

Contact Dale: (435) 864-3456
or Steve: (435) 864-5313

Colorado=============I have for sale: (Do not remove)

I have quality alfalfa/grass hay for sale. 2000 small bales, poly twine. $3.00 per bale. Please contact for shipping information.

Center, Colorado:

Looking for new crop contracts for alfalfa hay. We will start cutting around June 10th.We will have all types of alfalfa premium to grinder. Rfv 150-200+ Protein 17-24%+ All hay is in the 3x3x8 1000# bales. Call or email for more info.

Center Fertilizer & Equip
Ben Schmidt
44583 Cty Rd C
Center, CO 81125

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